Webrick Affiliate Program

Why should we collaborate?

Webrick.com is the best alternative individual parts service platform providing a part list upload tool.

We offer the best alternative bricks source for AFOB and we're the official international Gobricks reseller.

We will never ever clone any LEGO or MOC sets.

We're trying to bring something different to the MOC world.

What we can offer to you?

For MOC Designers

Webrick could help spread your designs and help more people to build your models with high-quality bricks at a competitive price.

Webrick provides loose bricks based on your shopping instructions and the part list uploaded from us which makes your design a complete set.

Any purchases will be credited to you as long as the customer purchases with your affiliate link. We will never clone any LEGO or MOC sets.

For bloggers, YouTubers, or any other types of influencers and MOC enthusiasts

* Webrick could help add extra choices for your readers no matter if they are LEGO or MOC players.

* Webrick can be the most effective sponsor for your new model building and content creation.

How does it works?

If you recommend us to your audience with a trackable link or referral code, you will get an instant reward for transactions you bring to us.


Am I eligible to join the program?

We encourage moc designers or any MOC industry-related websites like instruction sites, news websites, blogs, and MOC enthusiasts to join our program.
If you are just MOC enthusiasts or our customers, you can share your experiences or ideas about model building on social media and get rewards.

How do you track sales?

We work with postaffiliatepro ( a very well-known affiliate marketing tracking software) to facilitate our tracking, reporting, and payment. postaffiliatepro provides you with tracking to add to your site. When a visitor clicks the affiliate link on your site and makes a purchase, postaffiliatepro records that order. postaffiliatepro then grants you commissions on all customer orders that occur within your cookie window.

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If you have any concerns about this program or any other problem need more details, you can get the fastest answer from here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/webrick

Any advanced inquiries please contact [email protected]